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‘Crisis’ Netflix Movie Review - Highly Thrilling and Packed With Drugs and Science

The movie follows an undercover DEA agent, a university researcher, and a grieving single mother around the deadly opioid epidemic

Jess Doshi - Sun, 26 Mar 2023 19:50:28 +0100 2328 Views
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Crisis is a movie that tries to combat the use of drug overdoses and trafficking by showing the effects of the dangerous world. Based on a true event, this movie follows the drug world and the lives it affects on the way. It was more than a movie simply watched to pass time due to the real-world connotations and implications it had.

Although it was about a fictional drug, contrasting drugs like Oxy was a great addition. The movie was a great reminder of how there were addictive drugs worse than fentanyl and oxy, which are regularly prescribed despite their harmful effects. Bad drugs can be legal drugs and this movie proved just that. Crisis followed three parallel plots at the same time, linking them all at the end to the common problem of which the world seems to be at the ever-receiving end.

The first story follows an undercover DEA agent who is trying to bring down a huge drug ring and its leader named Mother (the druglord stage name, of course). He struggles to get his sister to comply with rehabilitation while trying to subtly bring down a huge drug lord all by himself.

The second thread is about a university research professor who is running a few tests on a drug being manufactured by a big pharmaceutical firm and he finds that they're deadly. He ran tests and found out that the experimental mice won’t stop taking this drug up until the time they die, choosing the drug to be the last thing they take in before they fall dead.

The third story is of a single mother who is getting over her drug addiction and her son turns up dead with foam coming out of his mouth. She is absolutely devastated and does everything she can to find out the reason behind his death as she believes that he wouldn't have dealt with drugs. She soon discovers that he was collateral damage of the war over drugs and does the best a mother can get revenge.

The three plots clash with each other to show the cause, protests, and conflicts that come forth when drugs are concerned. The start of the movie Crisis was boring and to be honest, confusing as all the characters seemed jumbled up and the plots were different from one another. However, in the end, they come together and form a crescendo, making viewers understand what it was all about.

I absolutely loved the plot of the film, though I believe that a novel with the plotline would’ve worked much better. The movie seems to be aiming at stopping drug abuse but instead seems to fail at doing so, in my opinion. Everyone seemed like a villain of some sort throughout the film, no matter how heroic their deeds had been, in my opinion.

The cast was stunning with next-to-flawless acting throughout the film. Although it was a good movie, I wouldn't rewatch it because all the secrets and twists would already be revealed. It was a must-watch for crime lovers!

Final Score- [8/10]
Reviewed by - Jess Doshi
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