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‘Fisk’ Season 2 Netflix Review - Not as Good as the First Season, but it has its Moments

In Season 2, Helen Tudor-Fisk, now an official member of Gruber & Associates, handles her customers’ probate issues despite her being a people person.

Vikas Yadav - Fri, 01 Dec 2023 18:14:33 +0000 2027 Views
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I was so elated after watching the first season of Fisk that I couldn't wait for a second season. Finally, Netflix has scratched that itch, and I'm grateful for it. As I hit the play button, I was hoping to be entertained as much as I was with the previous season. Fortunately, Season 2 is just as enjoyable. There's so much to love here, from the clever humor to the lovable characters. Helen (played by Kitty Flanagan) is still dealing with her coffee problem. She tries a new café called Blendology in this season, which mixes natural ingredients to create drinks that give you "Greengasm." However, ordering a drink is a bit complicated; you have to choose the type of milk and other ingredients you want. It's like ordering at Starbucks.

Helen, though, isn't interested in going through this whole process. She wants everything to be simple. Much of the humor in Season 2 is derived from Helen's response to the modern world. She learns about Twitch, hashtags, etc. Flanagan is simply perfect as the main character. She brings so much energy and enthusiasm to her part. Her I-am-tired-of-all-this-nonsense attitude is charming and relatable. Flanagan is very comfortable in this environment. As soon as she appears on the screen, you intuitively accept her as a real person who has been living in Melbourne. The other actors - Julia Zemiro (as Roz), Marty Sheargold (as Ray), and Aaron Chen (as George) - are also very likable.

There is a scene where Helen, with one of her clients, watches a play called Death of a Man. At one point, she remarks whether the joke is meant to be "ha ha funny" or "dinner table funny." If you consider all the jokes in the second season, they mostly fall under the latter. The wit is always visible, but it mainly gives rise to minor chuckles or a nod of appreciation. Nothing here is as hilarious as that scene from Season 1 where a man painted with his penis or that typo caused by George while labeling someone's ashes. Some characters like Peggy (Bessie Holland) return only to go out with a whimper. Given what Fisk achieved in Season 1, you go into the second season with many expectations. I was always ready to break into laughter. Unfortunately, the experience underwhelmed me a little.

Still, there are some genuinely amusing moments. For instance, a lawyer presents a picture of bread and honey while her client reads the affidavit. A nice, awkward atmosphere is generated when, during the Death of a Man play, someone gets naked. If I have to pick my favorite moment from this second season, I will choose the one where Helen sneaks into Roz's office through a window to steal coffee and biscuits. The last episode, however, is the best among all the six episodes. Every little thing falls into place in the most funny, satisfying manner. Season 2, overall, might not be as good as Season 1, but it still leaves you itching for more episodes.

Final Score- [7/10]
Reviewed by - Vikas Yadav
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