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Korean Remake of the Popular Chinese Drama ‘Go Ahead’ - ‘A Prefabricated Family’ Release Date

Go Ahead is one of the most popular Chinese dramas with an amazing plotline that made the whole fandom bawl so hard. Since the day it was released, it didn’t fail to make a special place in the hearts of drama Lovers.

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Go Ahead is a 2020 Chinese drama starring Song Wei Long, Steven Zhang, and Tan Song Yun. It has 40 episodes in the online version and 46 episodes in the TV version. Go Ahead is a kind of drama that can never be forgotten and it will be cherished by the viewers for a long time.

As this drama did so well globally, the Hallyu industry has finally decided to make a Korean remake of this popular Chinese drama. Well, fans are extremely happy and excited but they are scared too as they don't want the Korean version to ruin the original plot and its essence. Fans are extremely curious to learn about the updates on the Korean Remake of Go Ahead.

If you are curious about the same thing then you have come to the right place. Keep your focus till the end of the article to learn everything about the Korean Remake of Go Ahead.

When is A Prefabricated Family going to be released?

The Korean Remake of Go Ahead is called A Prefabricated Family aka Jolibsik Gajok. In 2023, it was confirmed that JTBC planned to make a Korean remake of the popular youth Chinese drama named Go Ahead. In the same year, it was confirmed that Hwang In Yeop and Jung Chae Yeon would be leading the whole drama as the main leads along with Bae Hyun Sung.

A Prefabricated Family will be released on August 28, 2024.

What will be the plot of A Prefabricated Family?

The production team hasn't shared the detailed plot. But one thing is confirmed the plot will be inspired by the original story. Well, we are not sure whether there will be some changes or not.

For now, the synopsis of the drama is about three teenagers and the bond they share. These three always rely on each other and are there during the hard times. Their love, friendship, and everything take a different turn when they are reunited after 10 years.

What's the story of the original version of Go Ahead? 

The plot of Go Ahead revolves around Ling Xiao, Li Jianjian, and He Zi Qiu. The story is about these three individuals and how their lives are affected due to their family relations.

Ling Xiao and He Zi Qiu’s mothers leave them when they are young, Li Jianjian’s father adopts He Zi Qiu and Ling Xiao considers JianJian’s father as his own after after his mother left him and his father. All of them live a good life as a family but things started to fall apart when their old family members started to show up again.

The cast of A Prefabricated Family 

The Cast of A Prefabricated Family includes Hwang In Yeop as Kim San Ha, Jung Chae Yeon as Yun Ju Won, and Bae Hyeon Seong as Kang Hae Jun. The rest of the star cast includes:

Seo Ji Hye as Park Dal
Choi Won Young as Yun Jeong Jae
Choi Moo Sung as Kim Dae Uk


Is the trailer for A Prefabricated Family already out?

The trailer is not yet out. You will be happy to know that Hwang In Yeop has uploaded some pictures of him on his Instagram. We can consider it as a glimpse of A Prefabricated Family.
First of all, the photos are related to his character and secondly, we can see that In Yeop is again going to steal our hearts with his character as Kim San Ha. Once the trailer gets released, we will update you. So, stay connected to our page.

Where can we watch A Prefabricated Family?

As of now, there is no information about the streaming platform of A Prefabricated Family. This is an original drama of JTBC so it will be aired on JTBC only. As for the online streaming platform, we can expect it to be released on Viki. We have to wait for the official updates.



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