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‘Love, Divided’ Netflix Movie Review - Divided by Walls, United by Love

Valentina and David are neighbors. They fall in love with each other just by talking across the walls of their house. The only twist, they have never seen each other and are separated by the walls of their room.

Neerja Choudhuri - Fri, 12 Apr 2024 20:21:23 +0100 1289 Views
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Love, Divide is a new coming-of-age romance movie. While the story might be new, the plot is predictable. Valentina, also known as Aitana, had finally taken the leap towards independence and moved on, embracing a new chapter in her life as she settled into her fresh apartment. Liberated from the looming shadows of her past relationship, she was determined to carve out her own path, often finding solace in her piano and aiming to do something out of it.

But as the first night unfolded, a chilling realization began to seep into her consciousness. Strange, unnerving sounds echoed from the walls, disrupting the tranquillity she had hoped to find. Each creak, each thud, seemed to carry a sinister undertone, jolting her nerves and igniting a primal fear within her.

Initially, Valentina was consumed by apprehension, her mind swirling with imagined horrors lurking beyond her walls. Yet, as the nights wore on, she refused to succumb to the intimidation. Instead, a fierce resolve took root within her, fuelling her determination to confront the source of these disturbances head-on.

It wasn't long before she uncovered the truth: her neighbor, David, harbored malicious intent. With a calculated malevolence, he orchestrated these unsettling noises, a twisted scheme to drive her away and reclaim the tranquility of his domain.

But Valentina refused to be intimidated.  To tackle the situation, she came up with a counter plan- she started playing piano which did in fact cause disturbances to David. Mission accomplished!

Their encounters became a battleground of wills, a clash between Valentina's unwavering determination and David's desperate attempts to maintain control. But the question arises, why would David do this? If solitude was all he wanted then why would he live in an apartment?

David's motivation for his unsettling behavior stemmed from a deep-seated necessity for absolute silence in his creative pursuits of developing games and toys. To him, any disturbance from the neighboring apartment was not just an annoyance but a hindrance to his artistic process, disrupting the delicate balance required for his work.  When Valentina uncovered the truth behind David's actions, their relationship took on a new dimension. What began as a tense standoff evolved into a peculiar challenge, a battle of wills to see who could outlast the other in the silent war of occupancy. Resorting to increasingly eccentric tactics to annoy and frustrate each other, they danced on the thin line between irritation and amusement. But this is no way of living, and thus our protagonists came to a middle ground that suited both their schedules.

They soon started talking to each other through walls, even sharing their daily lives. But here’s the twist, they didn’t see the other’s face. Yes, read that again. And thus began their quest for each other, two individuals sharing a bond, separated by just a wall and yet not knowing how they look. How would their love blossom in this peculiar circumstance, with the barrier of sight removed from the equation?

Love Divided, is a one-time watch. It begins as a very promising plot but slowly we realize that the story is predictable and is being unnecessarily dragged. It joins the bandwagon of romcoms which are ill-made. The actors in their roles do justice but sadly the plot of the movie doesn’t. However, if you wish to watch something light over the weekend, this is your perfect watch.

Final Score- [4/10]
Reviewed by - Neerja Choudhuri
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