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‘Miss Night and Day’ Netflix Series Review - So Far So Good

Lee Mi-Jin aspires to become a civil servant. However, she fails and things take a different turn when she wakes up in the body of an old woman. How will she tackle this new change in her life?

Neerja Choudhuri - Sun, 16 Jun 2024 02:26:28 +0100 1106 Views
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After much anticipation, Netflix has finally released the first episode of "Miss Night and Day." The concept is intriguing and, at first glance, you might think the plot resembles "17 Again," but it diverges significantly.

The story follows Lee Mi-jin, a determined 28-year-old woman who dreams of becoming a civil servant. For the past eight years, she has devoted herself to studying for the civil service exam, but despite her efforts, she fails every time. Mi-jin lives with her supportive parents, who are her pillars of strength.

Enter our hero: a charismatic young police officer who rescues Mi-jin from falling prey to a scam. This encounter adds a twist to Mi-jin's otherwise monotonous life. Disheartened by her continuous failures, Mi-jin reaches a breaking point and decides to burn her study materials. During this desperate act, she stumbles upon a cat in peril, about to fall into a well. In her attempt to save the cat, Mi-jin falls into the magical well herself, which transforms her life in an unimaginable way.

She emerges from the well as an elderly woman, experiencing life from a completely new perspective. As time passes, she finds herself shifting back to her 28-year-old self, each transition offering profound insights and new challenges. This mystical journey brings unforeseen adventures and a deeper understanding of herself and her aspirations.

"Miss Night and Day" promises to be a captivating series that blends elements of fantasy, drama, and romance, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as they follow Mi-jin's extraordinary journey.

The beginning of the show makes for a fantastic start, immediately drawing viewers in. It's a delight to watch, offering an engaging and enjoyable experience right from the first episode. The character development and introductions are exceptionally well done, allowing the audience to quickly connect with and invest in the characters' journeys.

The evolving relationships between the characters are portrayed with depth and nuance, adding layers of intrigue and emotional resonance to the narrative. Each interaction feels authentic, enhancing the overall storytelling and making the connections between characters feel genuine and relatable. It would be interesting to watch the other episodes of this show. It is funny and sensitive at the same time.

"Miss Night and Day" is the perfect light-hearted series for a weekend binge-watch. Its charming mix of humor, heartfelt moments, and a touch of fantasy creates a feel-good atmosphere that's hard to resist. Whether you're looking for a show to relax with or something to lift your spirits, this series is an ideal choice that promises to entertain and leave you smiling.

The acting by actors is also good, they deliver the right emotion as required.  Let's wait for the next episodes of this show.

Final Score- [7/10]
Reviewed by - Neerja Choudhuri
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