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Netflix ‘Maestro in Blue’ Season 2 Review - Enough Life Lessons

In Season 2, the implications of a murder quickly extend from the island of Paxos to Athens, compelling everyone to confront their secrets and either seek or hide the truth.

Riya Singh - Fri, 17 May 2024 19:17:34 +0100 2319 Views
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Just when I thought about the show's second season being on par with the first one, things started going downhill. Why is it always that Maestro in Blue relies heavily on one or two subjects only? The audience already got its fill of homophobia from the first season and the only new addition is the subject of postpartum depression.

The second season of Maestro in Blue starts by displaying the aftermath of the crime committed by Antonio. The family was never close and this incident increased the distance. The building which was once called home is now a collection of bricks with no soul left inside. Only the husband resides there and the property is used to fake how close-knit the family is.

Antonio sees the dead man and these hallucinations are not allowing him to live in peace. Ever since he separated from his boyfriend and moved to Athens with Klelia, nothing good has happened with either one of them. There's a constant streak of bad things happening with the family members that makes you wonder about your decision to start this show. How can a writer include so many sad things altogether without allowing or giving the audience the time to feel pain?

By season two, the audience will realize that although it's a brand new season, themes remain the same. The writers have focussed on homophobia, and the amount of attention it's been given is insane. The point behind saying that is that this season could've utilized another theme. Moving on with the story for another season and dragging the same thing again for six episodes has a difference that the makers and writers failed to understand.

Talking about Sofia, the woman enjoyed her baddie moments like burning the money Fanis accumulated over time. She had her fun although it was her entire life's indecisiveness because of which her family was in this position. The audience is bound to feel bad for her boyfriend as the love and dedication he's shown Sofia never reciprocates it.

Alexandra (Orestis’s wife) gave birth to a baby girl. You feel pity for her and there comes a point where her strong woman personality too faces a setback. When she was yelling in the streets for help and no one seemed to be in sight, it was at that moment that we realized that her fear was indeed true. Even after giving birth, she couldn't hold her daughter in her hands and the actress playing Alexandra has impressed us with her role.

The scene that breaks your heart is the one in which Antonio is trapped by homophobes and beaten up badly. The reasons they give to justify their acts show how inhuman they are. The show, despite having six episodes failed to impress the audience, and let's hope that no further seasons get made as it would be tiring to watch the same things on repeat. With no strong characters and a poor plot, it's a total flop show.

Final Score – [3/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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