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‘Ololade’ Netflix Series Review - A Well-Mixed Concoction of Lies

Two friends get wealthy in surprising ways. It appears to be too good to be true until they become involved in a deadly money laundering conspiracy.

Riya Singh - Sat, 25 Nov 2023 20:46:44 +0000 1606 Views
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I liked Ololade and it’s a good family drama that covers everything right from spirituality to everyday family dramas. The writers have done a good job of keeping their audiences engaged and thinking about what is going to come next. When one thing gets over, the right one is already brewing in the background.

There are six episodes in the series with a duration of approximately 50 minutes each. As the series started with Laide’s murder, we already had an extramarital affair. One thing the audience needs to know when they start watching this series is everyone is sleeping with everyone and babies are popping out of nowhere.

Adeshina and Lateef are no good men and when one day they suddenly get blessed with a huge sum of money, the way they utilized it was wrong. As Lateef got millions in return for covering for murder, he soon was overgrown with guilt. You’ve got to appreciate the man for the amount of time he takes before jumping into his next relationship.

While Lateef was involved with both Big Mummy and Laide, after the incident, the young man took no time and proposed to Risi. I was amused at how quickly he changed his footing and found it comfortable enough to marry someone else with blood on his hands. Big Mummy had to hide the murder to keep her marriage safe, and she gave Lateef a lot of money.

Adeshina, on the other hand, is a chaotic man. The whole series revolves around these toxic men who are not just red flags but a red carpet. Shina while being married and having a daughter was involved with another woman. Bad things are like a part of his daily routine. His mother too is a troublemaker who doesn’t allow his wife to live in peace.

One day when he suddenly got 50 million naira in his account, he quickly utilized it by investing it in real estate and business. Little did the poor man know about the implications it had. While his wife referred to the sum as Blood Money, I had my doubts regarding it. After watching the entire series, the makers gradually reveal the effects the money he accepted as God’s glory will have bad results for his family life.

What can one learn from Ololade is to learn to lie as smoothly as Lateef does and not to blindly believe in Pastors. The series is likable and watchable due to the various elements that have been added subsequently. The drama Adeshina’s mother brought into his marital life, a murder, and a wife’s demand to be accepted all make this series a good watch.

The actors in the show have done a good job and there wasn’t any moment where I felt like changing the series to watch something else. For better viewership, what Ololade could have done differently is something I’m yet to find. As there’s an open ending, I look forward to watching another season of this entertaining show which might not be liked by everyone, but for those looking out for some drama, go and grab your popcorn as there’s plenty.

Final Score – [7.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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