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‘RDX: Robert Dony Xavier’ Netflix Movie Review - The Stain of Old Rivalry

After years apart, three skilled martial artists meet as a shared enemy pursues a vendetta against them.

Riya Singh - Sun, 24 Sep 2023 12:09:42 +0100 1781 Views
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RDX starts by showing an attack on Dony’s family. In this fight, even a one or two-year-old child, Sera, wasn’t spared. The goons even beat the women of the family and this serves as a clue that something big is going on.

Robert is Dony’s brother and after something horrible happened in the past, he was sent to live in Bangalore. Xavier is the third friend and he teaches kids karate. This trio is the core of RDX and by picking up their initials, you get the title of the film.

The plot of RDX is very simple. Two years ago, the RDX members picked up a fight with some goons. The matter got settled, but the enemies returned stronger. They’re now targeting Robert’s family as he broke their head’s legs. RDX after going their separate ways two years ago, reunite to make these goons pay for laying their hands on their family members.

What makes the film different is its action scenes and sweet love story. Certain scenes in the film make you happy and anxious at the same time. The trio had a lot of guts to go against such a big gang. Every minute of the film is worth a watch.

The desi Indian inside of you wants to whistle in many instances. Had I been in the theatre watching RDX, I would have whistled several times and I’m sure that the movie would have received the same reaction from the whole theatre.

There came a point in RDX when I assumed that the plot was now over, but there were 27 minutes still left. I was afraid that the writers would spoil what they have made so far by stretching the subject. Contrary to my thought, the ending made the film an even better experience.

One might get bored of the action scenes easily if there is no motive behind it. What if the motive to fight is to protect your family? A human would not stop at any limit if they had to protect their family. This trio wins our hearts, and I couldn’t help but notice Robert’s bike having the initial RDX on it.

My only regret is that Mini and Robert’s love story didn’t have a good ending. The song in which the maker showed us their love story was adorable. Be it the dance moves or the beats, it makes you fall in love with this pair. The couple has a childish love which makes you remember the first time you fell in love.

There’s a scene in the film where Robert is fighting goons at the carnival. He was alone and surrounded by the enemies. He was pushed on the chair and just when he was about to fall, we see that his body didn’t come in contact with the ground and neither did the chair move. This one or two seconds of silence marks the entry of Xavier and Dony. This has to be among the best-filmed scenes in RDX. It also serves as the hint that the fight is now going to go in favor of our heroes.

Shane Nigam as Robert, Antony Varghese as Dony, and Neeraj Madhav as Xavier have brought a power-packed performance on screen. I wish that the film soon gets dubbed in other various languages as well so that the audience can enjoy it. The total duration of the film is 150 minutes and delivers a power-packed experience.

Final Score – [8.5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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