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‘The Vow’ Netflix Movie Review - The World of the Married

A newlywed couple goes on a lavish vacation with their unmarried friends, but a wild night on the town results in disclosures, doubts, and challenges.

Riya Singh - Wed, 29 May 2024 18:41:01 +0100 687 Views
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The Vow starts with Alvin proposing to Trisha in a fancy restaurant. The couple is deeply in love and are very happy. When the day of the wedding comes, both the bride and the groom get cold feet and want to rethink about getting hitched. At this moment of doubt, their respective friends who also happen to be a couple help them.

Alvin and Trisha head for their honeymoon in a private jet and what surprises me the most is that they decided to spend that golden period with another couple. Chris and Wendy are their good friends despite that, it didn't seem sensible why the West couple went with them. The vacation started on a great note for Alvin and Trisha but Wendy wasn't happy seeing them enjoy themselves.

She was jealous of them and had a habit of comparing Chris with Alvin. What could have been a great experience for her was destroyed by her negativity. At the same time, she was with Chris having drinks, a man whose identity wasn't revealed initially tried to invade their group. It was astonishing how he kept gulping champagne without any one of the lead characters raising any objection.

Another strange thing was how the hotel manager treated Alvin badly just because he had West as his last name. To cite her reasons, she didn't like how the West treats other countries like when she said that when they breastfeed their babies, they're called barbarians, and when WHO says to do so then the world follows. Her harsh words are rubbed off by being called comical but the lady nowhere seemed eligible to run a hotel of this size especially when it was more than four decades old.

The ending of this 62-minute film is confusing. Why does the manager come to Mr. West saying that it's her day off and she can take him on a trip to the city? As all the doubts regarding the couples cheating on each other cleared, the ending left me wondering if Alvin was really cheating and if all of this was just a mere show.

With the limited time frame, the movie shows a vicious cycle of happiness and sadness in the lives of the married. The relationship isn't always blissful and there are always ups and downs. The amount of drama Trish and Alwin had on their honeymoon is insane. It's filled less with lovemaking and more with fights.

When Chloe met the West couple in the same hotel where they came for their honeymoon, I was a little suspicious. Such things (meeting with your ex-girlfriend on your honeymoon) have a hidden motive. When Chloe met Alvin and Trish, out of the blue she picked up her game of thrashing the couple. She said, “Used toys usually go to the less fortunate” but her own boyfriend was Trish’s ex-boyfriend.

After this fiasco gets sorted, we're immediately left in the scene where Alvin believes Trisha cheated on him with Chris. The other couple also had doubts as they thought that Wendy cheated on Chris with Alvin. There's so much of a mess that at the end you wonder why the name of this movie has been kept as The Vow when it could be called A Headache. The movie is about cheating and other things. The story might be the reality of the married world but why should the audience be willing to spend their time on a movie whose plot got so messy?

Final Score – [5/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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Publisher at Midgard Times



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