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‘Shogun’ Episode 10 Review - Unless I Win

In the series finale, A Dream of a Dream, Blackthorne ultimately considers the true essence of Toranaga’s plan following a tragic death.

Vikas Yadav - Tue, 23 Apr 2024 08:48:14 +0100 982 Views
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There is a sense of disorientation in the tenth episode of Shogun. Everything feels loose and mournful. Your eyes stay on the ongoing events, but your mind wanders elsewhere. You constantly think about Mariko. Her absence leaves a giant emotional hole at the center of Shogun. Nothing appears fixed in its position. The characters try to be tough, but you instantly notice their weakness. While departing from Osaka on a boat, Blackthorne holds back his tears. Ishido tries to be confident, as if conveying Mariko's death hasn't put a dent in his powers, though one can clearly see he is also a bit shaken. During a meeting with other council members, Ishido, at first, says Mariko doesn't deserve a proper funeral. But he is undermined by Ochiba no Kata, who, with a soft yet determined voice, says, "Lady Mariko will generously be honored."

Mariko's death at the end of the ninth episode registered as a very shocking event. The shock lingers strongly here. It turns a guilt-ridden Yabushige into a catfish-seeking madman. Without Mariko, Blackthorne becomes more rash - he stops fearing death. Hence, he doesn't mind committing suicide or calling himself an enemy, a traitor. Blackthorne tells Toranaga to not be cruel to the villagers and offers his life instead - an act that seems like a dare. As far as Blackthorne is concerned, life without Mariko isn't very pretty. He feels so lonely that he tries to stop Fuji from becoming a nun. "Fuji is consort," Blackthorn says, which could very well be interpreted as, "Don't leave me, please. I can't handle all this change." This loneliness, this heartbreak can also be seen in what looks like the future, where an old, feeble Blackthorne is shown lying in bed. The future is also glimpsed through Toranaga's perspective as he reveals his plan to Yabushige (he made a comment on Yoshii Nagakado's unremarkable death. He himself receives an unimpressive end). It can also be perceived through that earthquake that carries ominous signals for the Council of Regents.

Shogun currently has a 99% score on Rotten Tomatoes and a 9/10 rating on the IMDb website. These big numbers don't always accurately tell you how good a show or a movie really is. Nowadays, even mediocrity is inflated with high scores online. But in Shogun's case, these numbers seem fair. This show is excellent in terms of quality, storytelling, acting, cinematography, editing - basically, everything. Shogun is like a ray of hope that assures you there are people out there who still know how to make a show and how to hold the attention of the audience without resorting to cheap cliffhangers, porn, or mindless violence.

Final Score - [10/10]



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