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‘Star Wars: The Acolyte’ Episode 7 Review - Bad Decisions

In the seventh episode, the terrible events that permanently changed the lives of Mae and Osha are examined from a new viewpoint, revealing a previously unknown reality.

Vikas Yadav - Wed, 10 Jul 2024 05:32:15 +0100 864 Views
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In the seventh episode of The Acolyte, we return to Brendok at a time when Mae and Osha are little girls, and the coven of Force-sensitive witches encounter the Jedi on their planet. This time, however, we observe the events from the Jedi's perspective. We learn that Sol, Indara, Torbin, and Kelnacca are searching for a vergence. They have been doing their duty for a long time with no success, and Torbin is growing increasingly impatient. The Padawan wants to go back to Coruscant. Given that this word means "glittering" or "sparkling," you can understand why Torbin would wish to vacate the lonely planet. We, too, want to leave the premises because the green environment is rendered visually drab. The Acolyte's images continue to dull your senses. You will be shocked to see Kogonada's name as this episode's director - a filmmaker who has given us visually stunning productions like Columbus and After Yang.

Anyway, it's not just Torbin who's going mad. Sol projects his thoughts, his feelings, and his interpretations onto other characters. Was Sol always like this? Or is this behavior a result of his prolonged stay on the planet? He describes Torbin as 'disturbed' and 'unbalanced,' but Indara corrects him, "You were disturbed. Do not confuse Torbin's feelings with your own." Too late. Sol's confusion leads to a lot of trouble here. He thinks Osha and Mae are in danger and that the former desperately needs his help. He is the catalyst who destroys those witches. Sol is an innocent culprit - he thinks his intentions are absolutely correct. The s in Sol stands for selfish, but his actions are tinged with goodness.

The complexity is fascinating. Mother Aniseya warns, "Someday, those noble intentions you all have will destroy every Jedi in the galaxy." Meaning: Nobility can lead to nefarious actions. Episode 7 informs us that the Jedi, the heroes of this universe, can use manipulation to fulfill their desires and dispense lies to save themselves. All these interesting elements are, unfortunately, attached to something that's incredibly bland. While watching Episode 7, I wondered why this story was stretched into an eight-episode TV show when it should have been a two-hour-long production. That version of The Acolyte could also be terrible, but it would have saved us from weekly discussions. Not everything deserves to be converted into a web show. This absurd obsession with extending a material into eight episodes has given rise to "content" that merely wants you to spend time on the streaming platforms. The companies get their views, subscribers, or whatever, while the audience is dissatisfied and bored.

Final Score - [4/10]



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