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‘Fake Profile’ Netflix Series Review - A Soulless, Deplorable Hogwash

The series follows Camila, who meets her prince charming through a dating app, but as she makes preparations to surprise him, she gets up stranded in a false paradise.

Vikas Yadav - Wed, 31 May 2023 20:32:17 +0100 12152 Views
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To say that I questioned my professional choices as well as my existence while watching Fake Profile would be an understatement. A part of me got so "inspired" by the title that I wanted to create thousands of fake profiles and give one-star ratings to this series on the IMDb website. You cannot call a show like Fake Profile bad. It's terrible. It's so atrocious that I began considering every mediocre show and movie a masterpiece. The series is apparently written by Pablo Illanes and directed by Catalina Hernández and Klych López. But it's impossible to discern any human influence on Fake Profile. I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow I end up reading somewhere that this show was created by artificial intelligence.

I want to say that the script for Fake Profile was generated by ChatGPT, but I think even this chatbot wouldn't want to take any credit for something this ghastly. Many people have complained that AI tools like ChatGPT shouldn't be overly used for filmmaking. Those people have a point. If there is anyone who believes AI can enhance filmmaking, show them Fake Profile. Because if you let robots make shows and films, you will only receive products like this. And products like Fake Profile merely take up some space online. They fill up the "content library" and have nothing to do with things like joy or creativity.

It's impossible to derive pleasure from Fake Profile because it doesn't know what it wants to be. The tone is all over the place and swerves so sharply that everything feels jarring. A character might be talking about his sister's accident or death, and then, suddenly, he would start masturbating. In one scene, a couple announces they are getting married, and this is followed by the scene where a man offers his services to a woman very solemnly. At one moment, we see a woman shocked by the fact that her video has been leaked online, and in the next, we watch a man getting seduced by a character who is showering. After a while, your brain automatically stops engaging with this series. As a result, you don't care for the characters. You either give them a cold-eyed stare or hate them.

Furthermore, the characters in Fake Profile deserve nothing but contempt. They are cruel, manipulative, psychopaths, and have double standards. A wife hates her husband for being unfaithful, but she also has an affair with a young man. An old man secretly controls his daughter's life so she would leave her husband. I still don't think his plan made much sense. And then there is a boy who plants cameras in a woman's house and shows her private videos to his friends. He is just - pardon my French - an asshole. As if the show wasn't awful enough, the creators trap us with such annoying characters. The only reaction that gets evoked while watching Fake Profile is anger. Lots and lots of anger.

In Fake Profile, no shot is allowed to stay for more than five seconds on the screen. Everything moves forward in a mad rush. This technique is applied to cover up the show's ineptness. The directors think that they can hide all their flaws by generating a fake sense of momentum. They attempt to keep us occupied by hitting us with one event after another. But these events are far from interesting or exciting, for that matter. Instead, you entertain yourself by asking questions: Why is that creepy man entering a house with a glowing mask? Wouldn't a regular, unlit mask help him remain more hidden? How can a bar dancer afford to rent such a luxurious house? Do strippers make a lot of money in Las Vegas? The woman later explains that she saved a lot of money while growing up, which raises another question: "Shouldn't she be spending this moolah for useful purposes rather than stalking a husband?" The real explanation comes much later, but by that time, I couldn't care less.

After numbing our senses with boredom, Fake Profile tries to infuse itself with excitement through shocking revelations. Of course, there is nothing surprising about them (if you don't see a dead body, it definitely means the characters are safe and alive). It's all very predictable. Fake Profile tries to grab our attention through sex, but those scenes come and go rather swiftly and fail to generate any raunchy spark. In the show's final shot, people clap for a stripper. However, we don't see what all the fuss is about because her performance is heavily chopped. Perhaps, the creators, too, might be cheering from their homes as they have released a soulless, deplorable hogwash. Fake Profile doesn't even deserve fake admiration. It will probably rot in the Netflix dump.

Final Score- [1/10]
Reviewed by - Vikas Yadav
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