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‘Borderless Ae! group's Debut Journey’ (2024) Netflix Series Review

Borderless Ae! group’s Debut Journey is a documentary series that tells the overwhelming journey of the popular Japanese Group.

Ayasa Mallick - Wed, 19 Jun 2024 19:25:20 +0100 554 Views
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Japanese idol groups are not falling behind anymore, they are also getting the same love and recognition as Korean Idol Groups. As a fan of Kpop and Jpop, I have always followed many groups but never got into Ae! Group. Well, for the first time, I watched something related to Ae! Group.

Ae! Group is a Japanese group and Borderless Ae! Group’s Debut Journey is their documentary series that focuses on their whole journey to debut and the behind-the-scenes. We usually have a strong connection with our idols and the same one would feel while watching the documentary. Even though I was not much into Ae! Group, their documentary series still managed to make my eyes bawl hard and emotionally attached to their whole journey.

Before releasing the whole documentary series, the group did drop a hint on the app X which was previously known as Twitter. Fans were extremely curious about it, and I also got an update about it but didn't expect that the documentary series would be this good. It has only 5 episodes and the duration of the series is also not long. Each episode is around 30-40 minutes, so one should definitely watch this as it is not only good but also entertaining and saves a lot of time.

The documentary series involves their journey from the very beginning. The cast of the series includes the members of the group named Yoshinori Masakado, Seiya Suezawa, Richard Keita Kusama, Ken Kojima, and Masaya Sano. All five members have given equal amounts of focus and share of their side stories.

The whole document is very heart-touching and overwhelming, I found myself in tears because the content of the whole document was extremely sad and proud to see. I felt very proud of the boys, and the way they managed to get everything done and made it to their debut. On the other hand, the series also focused on the mistakes they made and how they overcame every hurdle.

It was more like a lesson turned into a series with 5 episodes. As I started to watch episode after episode I realised how things were not easy for the members. On top of that, it is not easy to be an idol and live up to the expectations of fans, and chasing dreams is one of the hardest and bravest things to do, this documentary made me realize it very well.

The main reason why I would suggest every K-pop and J-pop fan to watch this and also those who are looking for inspiration is that the whole series is very inspiring, and it will make someone cry so hard that you will feel like you are in their place. The excitement, the proud feeling, and the emotions you will feel watching this is definitely worth everything. If you are planning to watch this then you should proceed with your planning, it is definitely worth it.

Final Score- [7/10]
Reviewed by - Ayasa Mallick
Publisher at Midgard Times



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