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‘Pauline’ (2024) Disney+ Series Review - When Teenage Angst Meets the Devil

The series follows an 18-year-old girl who, dealing with the pressures of school and society, discovers she is pregnant after a one-night stand with the devil.

Anjali Sharma - Wed, 22 May 2024 19:23:58 +0100 1220 Views
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Watching "Pauline," the new German series on Disney+, is quite an experience. It's a wild blend of teenage angst, supernatural elements, and dark comedy that defies the typical expectations from a Disney+ show. The series centers on 18-year-old Pauline, who faces the typical pressures of adolescence magnified by a supernatural twist. After a one-night stand with Lukas, who turns out to be the devil's son, she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and endowed with strange powers.

On the positive side, "Pauline" excels in its audacious concept. The series is refreshingly original, with a plot that dares to merge the mundane struggles of high school life with the fantastical elements of demonic involvement. Sira-Anna Faal, playing Pauline, delivers a standout performance, portraying a believable and relatable teenager suddenly thrust into a surreal predicament. The supporting cast, including Ludger Bökelmann as Lukas, adds depth and complexity to the narrative. Bökelmann’s portrayal of the devil's son is particularly intriguing, balancing charm with a sinister edge.

Visually, "Pauline" benefits from strong direction by Arabella Bartsch, Alma Buddecke, and Facundo Scalerandi. The series makes effective use of its urban German setting, juxtaposing everyday locations with supernatural occurrences to great effect. The cinematography often reflects Pauline's emotional state, enhancing the storytelling through visual means.

The series also tackles relevant contemporary issues. Pauline's struggles with school stress, climate anxiety, and societal pressures add layers to her character and resonate with a young audience. These elements ground the fantastical plot in real-world concerns, making the series more engaging and thought-provoking.

However, "Pauline" is not without its flaws. The narrative sometimes feels overloaded, juggling too many subplots that occasionally detract from the main story. The series' ambitious scope can lead to pacing issues, with certain episodes feeling rushed while others drag. This inconsistency can disrupt the viewing experience, making it difficult to maintain a steady engagement with the plot.

Additionally, while the mix of dark humor and drama often works, there are moments where the tonal shifts feel jarring. The series oscillates between light-hearted teenage banter and grim supernatural themes, which can sometimes clash rather than complement each other. This tonal imbalance might leave viewers unsure of how to feel about certain scenes, diluting the overall impact of the narrative.

Despite these drawbacks, "Pauline" is a bold step for Disney+, showcasing the platform's willingness to explore diverse and unconventional stories. It's a series that doesn't shy away from pushing boundaries and experimenting with genre conventions. The creative risks it takes are commendable, even if they don't always pay off perfectly.

In conclusion, "Pauline" is a compelling series that blends coming-of-age drama with supernatural intrigue. It offers a unique viewing experience, anchored by strong performances and visually striking direction. While it has its narrative and tonal inconsistencies, the show's originality and daring make it a noteworthy addition to Disney+'s lineup. If you're looking for something different and are willing to embrace its quirks, "Pauline" is definitely worth watching.

Final Score- [6/10]
Reviewed by - Anjali Sharma
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