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Super Bowl Massacre: Israel Teared Apart Palestinians Limb by Limb While Americans Cheered

When Super Bowl 2024 was broadcasting a live ad endorsing the Zionist propaganda, at the same time the propagandists were committing a massacre in Gaza

Bradley - Mon, 12 Feb 2024 15:50:07 +0000 1211 Views
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The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events happening in the US every year, but this time, it became a source and medium for propaganda that led to something very horrific, which should anger every human being.

The Super Bowl broadcasted a political ad endorsing Israel's propaganda justifying their ongoing Genocide. At the same time when this ad was airing, the Zionist army fueled with propaganda started killing the Palestinian kids limb-by-limb, I mean literally. The horrific massacre took place in the middle of the night in Rafah city in Gaza where the genocide victims were forcefully moved by the same evil army in the last few months. This was supposed to be a safe zone, but with an army that is more evil and inhumane than the orcs from the Middle Earth of LOTR, you cannot expect much.

At the same time this massacre was happening, the Americans were going crazy for a Football game, which was serving propaganda sponsored by the Zionist Israeli government from the money provided by the US government, which was collected from the taxpayer citizens of the United States.

If people are watching the sponsored propaganda instead of boycotting it. The Zionists should have gone a few steps ahead and broadcast their Genocide and the Rafah massacre live on television. I think the crowd would have cheered anyway.

But whatever the case, the massacre in Rafah was deadly, scary, horrific, and should send a chill to your spines. The images and videos have just started to come out, and one of them shows a child hanging from the wall with his legs torn apart:


Soon after the massacre, US President Joe Biden posted an image of himself which confirms how much he is complicit in this act of barbarism. 




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