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The Future of Virtual Events: Leveraging AI Avatars for Engagement

AI avatars are revolutionizing virtual events and online meetings. Discover step-by-step instructions for creating your own AI avatar, implementing it seamlessly, and driving more interactivity.

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How to Use AI Avatars for Virtual Events and Meetings

AI avatars are artificial representations of people who have been trained to speak and behave like real people using voice recordings and meeting notes. These avatars have the potential to transform virtual meetings by accurately imitating actual personnel. AI avatars work by learning from recorded meeting notes and speech data of the people they portray.

This allows them to emulate the speech and conduct of their human counterparts. With enough information, these avatars can mimic the person's voice, participate in discussions, and react to questions much like the person they represent. This technology has the potential to alter the way we hold meetings by offering a digital stand-in for participants.

In this article, we will show you how to use AI Avatars for virtual events and meetings.

Part 1: What Is a Virtual Event and How Can You Use an AI Avatar in It?

A virtual event, also known as an online event, virtual conference, or livestream experience, is an event in which participants participate online rather than in person. Virtual events are commonly used for webinars, live broadcasts, virtual trade exhibits, online classes, tours, and business events.

Hybrid events—which blend live events with virtual content that can be accessed online—have become more and more popular in recent years. One problem that people who work from home encounter is a lack of connection with coworkers and other employees.

However, virtual avatars transcend this issue and contribute to increased sentiments of connection and community among us. Co-presence is the sensation that you are in the same space as another person. Avatars employ lifelike motions and facial expressions to boost a user's sense of co-presence.

Part 2: Benefits of Using AI Avatars in Virtual Events and Meetings

Virtual events and meetings have made life easier for many companies and employees. Here we will discuss the advantages of using AI avatars in these events:

•    Co-Presence:
Co-presence is the sensation that you are in the same space as another person. Creating a virtual place that can be accessed collaboratively and fosters a sense of co-presence enables shared experiences. According to research, virtual events accessed by AI avatars contribute to a greater sensation of co-presence.

•    Connection:
One of the most difficult aspects of working from home is feeling disconnected from coworkers and other employees. Many of us crave connection, and AI avatar-based platforms let users feel more connected and part of a community. Providing a user avatar and allowing for engagement between avatars promotes social interaction and community building.

•    Engagement:
Most employees spend hours each day on Zoom or another online conferencing platform, attempting to focus on work despite interruptions, deliveries, housework, and so on. Avatar-based systems provide more agency or simply give consumers more control over their experiences. It becomes more of a 'choose your own adventure' rather than just passively viewing an advertisement.

•    Self-expression & Inclusion:
AI avatar tools, which offer a wide library of skin, hair, and eye colors, as well as hundreds of outfit options, allow virtual attendees to express their personalities and be more properly portrayed at virtual events. Avatars can facilitate communication through group chat, private chat, and private video calls.

Part 3: How To Use Virbo AI Avatars for Live Events


virbo ai avatars

Wondershare Virbo allows you to experience live streaming in the future as well. With its Live Stream feature that incorporates AI avatars, you can transform live shopping experiences and virtual events on social media. With affordable, multilingual AI-driven avatars, or Vtubers, you can increase income and attract a wider audience.

You may break down boundaries of language with the smooth integration of several languages and dialects, interact with a broad audience globally, and alter the live experience with flawless 24/7 AI streaming and Vtubers that precisely replicate natural movements.

Steps to Get Started with Wondershare Virbo Live

With step-by-step instructions, you can improve your user experience and streamline your access. Let's get started with Virbo AI Live Streaming:

•    Requirements:
Make sure your laptop or desktop is correctly set up and operating at peak efficiency. It is advised to have virtual sound cards or audio devices with "Stereo Mix" functionality, a dedicated network for stability, and a minimum 5Mbps network connection. For optimal results, make sure you are using the most recent version of the Chrome browser.

•    Preparing Essentials:
Create a minimum of 5,000 words screenplay for a successful live broadcast that includes planned Q&A conversations, real greetings, and lucid product photos or videos. Make use of appropriate 9:16 backdrop pictures or videos.

•    Create a Livestream Room:
Now, you can choose the template with the AI avatar to start a live stream room or simply click on Create a Project.

create a live stream room

•    Choose AI Streamer and Background:
Select an AI avatar from the virtual host library. Customize the backdrop and apply stickers for customization. Feel free to change their location and size within the canvas area.

change the background

•    Enter Text or Voice: 
Next, submit your audio or create a script for your AI-generated avatar. Additionally, you may use an AI scriptwriter and translator to create automated scripts for a larger audience.

adding audio file

•    Start Live Streaming:
Click the "Start Live Streaming" button to load the live window into OBS. The OBS program now supports seamless live broadcasting!

start the live stream

•    Engage the Audience in Conversation:
Lastly, use an interactive text message or a microphone connection to engage the crowd. Let AI Streamer interact with the viewers and provide them with real-time answers to their queries.

Part 4: Best Practices for Implementing AI Avatars

Here are several tips for the best Livestream experience:

•    Ensuring High-Quality Audio and Video:
AI video creation systems evaluate and improve video material with state-of-the-art technologies. They produce high-quality video clips by identifying and fixing mistakes, background noise, and color imbalances. Furthermore, these platforms provide extremely accurate automated subtitles and translations, opening up films to a wider audience and improving accessibility.

•    Improving Technical Difficulties:
AI-generated things are based on advanced technology, which might occasionally encounter technical glitches that disturb the attendee experience. To address this obstacle, you should have a strong technical support strategy in place and be ready to respond swiftly to any issues that develop.

•    Encouraging Attendee Interaction:
Attendee experiences can become more involved and interesting with the use of AI-generated material. To keep attendees interested and delighted during the event, interactive chatbots can be utilized to offer games, surveys, and trivia questions during breaks.


AI avatars are revolutionizing online meetings and virtual events by offering a more captivating and immersive experience. They boost attendees' co-presence, engagement, connection, self-expression, and inclusivity. Use Wondershare Virbo AI avatars to explore new ideas and elevate virtual events to a new level.



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