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Unforgettable Slot Machine Moments in Movies

Movies are not the only ones featuring casinos, as even TV shows like Two and a Half Men have depicted amusing slot moments

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Casino movies are iconic by nature. The aesthetic appeal of the casino rooms, the Vegas buildings, the way people dress for the occasion, and the notion that anyone has a true chance of seeing their lives changing overnight with the right dose of luck, it all makes casino movies among some of the most successful ones in terms of their effect in pop culture, as well as the financial aspect.

By the way, here goes a little spoiler alert. We will provide some context about these unforgettable moments which probably can be described as spoilers, so enjoy it at your own risk!

The Ocean’s franchise, owned by Warner Bros Pictures, for example, had a combined budget of $350m and a combined box office of $1.422B!

All three movies of the original trilogy from the 2000s have incredible moments, which is expected when you combine a cast that has names like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Al Pacino, Matt Damon, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and many other talented names.

But slot machines are quite special when it comes to moments of excitement and pure ecstasy. Part of the reason behind it has to do with the nature of this kind of casino game: you can win quite a lot of money with a very small bet, unlike poker where buy-ins are normally very big for games where the pot is expected to reach 8 figures.

The movies that feature casinos can inspire you to book a trip to Vegas or Atlantic City, but the excitement of the casino games can also be enjoyed with fruit machines online as well as other games. Online casino betting can be a fun way to bet between your casino trips.

Roulette games have fixed odds, and the prizes are also proportional, so while the chances of winning when playing with a progressive slot, for example, are quite small, it doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen, and when that happens in prime quality movies, the end result is some memorable scenes.

Ocean’s Thirteen, the third movie of the trilogy, has a couple of very memorable moments involving slot machine wins. After the team of Ocean’s tortures a reviewer that is analyzing the quality of the services of a casino, they seemingly try to avoid bad karma and alter the software of a slot machine in the airport of Las Vegas where the reviewer is about to leave town, and he wins 11 million dollars!

Those that watched the movie certainly do not see it coming, but the compassion of the characters for someone who wasn’t their enemy, but that suffered a lot on their hands influenced his review negatively due to their problems with the casino owner, it certainly is quite funny and somewhat unexpected, as robbers aren’t really expected to have the best characters out there.

Ocean’s Thirteen also has an interesting moment that features a progressive slot win of over 30 million dollars. The scene also brings some insight into the security of casinos, as a specialist in human behavior is watching the reaction of the winner – of a slot rigged by the thieves – to jeopardize the casino owner. They question whether a progressive jackpot win on an opening night could be legit, as the odds for that are not very high.

Movies are not the only ones featuring casinos, and even TV Series like Two and a Half Men have depicted amusing slot moments. One of the most important moments of the life of Alan Harper in the show is when he wins half a million dollars during the trip that was supposed to have been to celebrate the marriage of his brother, Charlie Harper, but which ends up being the trip when he wins big and gets married himself.

Slots are part of the most exciting moments of casino movies and TV Series that feature them, because of the potential to win big by betting little, as well as the fact that the moment of the win is quite unpredictable. Poker, roulette and dice games on the other hand have a specific moment designed to find out the winner(s) of the bet(s), which makes slots quite special as the winning moment is a big surprise, even for the casino.




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