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‘Jurassic World: Chaos Theory’ Netflix Series Review - Join the Ride

When the Camp Cretaceous group discovers a global plot that endangers dinosaurs as well as themselves, they band together to solve the mystery.

Riya Singh - Fri, 24 May 2024 19:18:37 +0100 865 Views
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The show has shown great strength in this season and is set six years after the Camp Cretaceous’s timeline. With all the characters grown up, the audience gets a chance to look at the adult versions of these small kids. Initially, when Ben turned up with the crazy idea of the Nebular Six being followed and a conspiracy about Brooklyn’s murder, the audience thought that it was nothing but a joke to grab everyone's attention.

The lady who used to whistle and control the raptors scared me the most. It's like she had no soul and had cold eyes similar to that of a hunter. There are ten episodes with a duration of 23 minutes each. In the last few seconds of the tenth episode, the audience will be left shocked. When the whole animated series revolves around only two topics and one of them is found to be fraud then what'll be your reaction? The ending opens the way to several possibilities. This whole fiasco might have been created due to internal trouble and what Ben saw on the dark web about dinosaurs could after all be false as these were mere theories. It has been proven time and again that Nebular Six were being hunted but by whom and who is The Broker?

Leaving the audience with open ending points toward the probability of further seasons and shows. We couldn't be unhappier about it as the show is taking an upward trend. The episodes did have a common repetitive element and that is how when Ben reached Darius’s home, he didn't believe him which was followed by a raptor attack. The same happened with everyone, be it Sammy, Jaz, or Kenji.

Kenji has suffered a huge loss this season which includes the death of his father. Though the man has been selfish from the beginning, he knows a little bit about what happened with Brooklyn. Firstly the father tried to exchange the information by setting up a deal. When he saw how Kenji felt trapped and tormented, the father soon turned soft and told everything he knew. Brooklyn was actually after the illegal trade of dinosaurs. However difficult it might be to believe, the audience can sense a little truth to it.

Innumerable questions arise in the minds of the audience and this season has left the opportunity of answering the same on its successor. This show is only about the survival of the Nebular Six and they're realizing the danger they've been facing.

After six years of returning from the island, this friend circle grew apart, but it stood the heat of time by coming back for each other again. Kenji and Darius had a strained equation due to Brooklyn’s death. Despite that, they both overcame it and shared things about Brooklyn's death. Even though Darius was guilty of it, he was not at fault because it was a pre-planned murder.

Although there were ten episodes, the show could have revealed the whole mystery. The ending isn't worth what was shown from the beginning and many notions were broken.

Final Score – [7/10]
Reviewed by - Riya Singh
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